Alex from Manhasset, NY…

“This decanter is fantastic.  I love how fast it decants the wine and love the hands-free design.  Other ones on the market are so cumbersome.”


Nick from Jersey City, NJ…

“It makes my $9 bottles of wine taste like $50 bottles.  And I love the design… so cool.”


Cindy from Manhattan…

“My husband gave it to me for Christmas.  We haven’t had a bottle of wine without it ever since.”  We love not having to wait for the wine to breathe!


Julie from Connecticut…

“ I can’t believe that it really decants my red wines on the spot.  And I love that it is glass and not plastic.  I can’t imagine pouring wine through plastic.”


Paul, Wine Bar Owner in NYC…

“I love how Il Decantino looks lined up in all my wine bottles behind the bar.  Also love that my staff can consistently pour the same amount of wine to each customer.  And my customers love being able to drink the wine right away and how great it improves the flavor on the spot.  Thanks Il Decantino, you guys are truly now my decanter of choice!”



The proprietor of PRINCE WINE TRADE CORP, Francesco Guerriero, is taking his unique product, IL Decantino, which decants wine instantly and is a portion regulator and cork, on a new adventure. 

The Florida based company just struck a lucrative deal with Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, to not only supply units for table side service on all their ships worldwide, but to also sell the European hand-crafted decanters embossed with the Royal Caribbean logo, as beautifully packaged souvenirs, in the gift shops on board.

To think that not so long ago, this native Italian born hair stylist went from strolling through the back streets of Italy on vacation to being inspired by a business opportunity that he could have never imagined and simultaneously, completely changing the direction of his life.

Guerriero is now putting all his efforts behind further expansion and broad distribution of this very clever wine decanting system, establishing himself from Los Angeles to New York to Miami.

Buyers after buyers are captivated by this odd looking contraption that closely resembles a “science experiment.”   “It really enhances wine enjoyment instantaneously.”  “It really does work. “  “I can’t believe how it changes the bouquet and the taste instantly,” proclaims, customer after customer.

Guerriero’s product can now be found in restaurants and exclusive stores across the U.S. as well as prestigious catalogues and online sites.